We have the solution you have been looking for. MyAxisPoint is now offering a fully integrated and certified EMV solution to the market. The deadline for the “liability shift” is October 1st, 2015, and you could be on the forefront while the rest of the Point of Sale industry, and your competition, struggles to address this issue which will result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue per week. No other technology company understands the impact of EMV & PCI compliance on merchants the way we do so you can trust us with your compliance and simply focus on running your business.

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EMV is not a mandate or a law.  It's a liability shift, requiring chipped cards to follow a new process intended to minimize fraud.  

Why should I care?

In the past, if you received a counterfeit transaction, you were still paid for the transaction amount.  With the liability shift, you will no longer be paid for fraudulent transactions on chipped cards that do not follow this new process.

Can You Spare $23,100/yr?

According to an April 2014 J.P. Morgan study:

  • The typical financial loss incurred by companies due to payments fraud was $23,100 per year, per company
  • 60% of organizations were exposed to actual or attempted payments fraud in 2013
  • 43% of survey respondents from organizations exposed to fraud attacks, report credit/debit cards were targeted. 


If you're integrated:

  • You can accept tips in the same way you do today.
  • You can adjust tips after the fact, even if your staff makes a mistake and the customer is not present.
  • You can start a tab without keeping a physical card.
  • Keep your workflow the way you work today, with minimal impact on your business.

Without an integrated solution, a card must be present, and your staff will need to awkwardly collect performance based compensation up front, resulting in an uncomfortable environment for both your staff, and your customers.  

With MyAxisPoint, you control EMV - EMV doesn't control you.


Being the pioneer in delivering a very secure credit card processing application from day one with “point to point” hardware encryption, we had the perfect foundation to tackle EMV and the soon to come PCI 3.1. We have always designed and built, and will continue to do so, with your long term future in mind. We understand that one size does not fit all, so please contact us and we can discuss your unique circumstances and make sure they are addressed with the perfect solution for your needs.